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Governor McGreevey Signs Executive Order Supporting Project Labor Agreements

(Deptford)-Governor James E. McGreevey today signed Executive Order No. 1, which firmly establishes his commitment to the utilization of Project Labor Agreements on all appropriate public construction projects.

The signing fulfills his pledge to make Project Labor Agreements his first Executive Order. The executive order ensures that the highest standards of quality are brought to bear on future state construction projects.

"With this executive order, I am reaffirming my commitment to Project Labor Agreements and the importance of working with contractors that have a tradition of doing good work at a responsible cost to the public,'' McGreevey said.

Project Labor Agreements provide uniform terms and conditions regarding employment practices, and therefore help to ensure that such projects are completed at with the most highly skilled labor, thus ensuring lower costs over the lifetime of the project for repair and maintenance.

The Executive Order also states that Project Labor Agreements are a specific benefit in large and complex construction programs, including the $8.5 billion school construction program.

"The use of Project Labor Agreements in this historic school construction program would allow us to fulfill the Supreme Court order in a way that serves our students, serves our union families, and saves money over the lifetime of these school buildings," McGreevey said.

The Executive Order takes effect immediately. It rescinds the Executive Order enacted by former Governor Christine Todd Whitman in 1993.