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Jersey City Greenville Hospital

  Greenville Hospital began as a small outpatient dispensary in 1898. The hospital was founded by the Suabian Sick Benefit and Folks Festival Society, a group of concerned citizens. As a result of their efforts property was purchased and the hospital was built. On October 1, 1898, a charter was granted to the "German Hospital and Dispensary of Hudson County, New Jersey." Thus began a century of service to teh people of Jersey City and Hudson County, New Jersey. The stated object and purpose of that corporation was "to care for, nurture the sick, injured, or those afflicted by disease, or victims of accidents or casualty, and for the training, education and instruction or preparation of persons, male or female, to act as nurses."

The site of the present building was dedicated in May 1912. In 1918, at the onset of the hostilities of World War I, the original German Hospital was renamed Greenville Hospital reflecting the name of the community it served. A building program started in 1925 added new services to meet the increasing needs of the community. The building on Kennedy Boulevard was completed in 1964 and the west wing in 1971.

The hospital became part of Liberty HealthCare System, Inc. in 1990, when it joined Jersey City Medical Center and it's Family Health Center as partners in community care. In 1991, Greenville re-established itself as a center of community pride for patients, as inpatient services and outpatient care was strengthened.

Greenville Hospital has over 150 qualified physicians, a dedicated management team and a conscientious staff.

Greenville Hospital's mission of providing quality health care, and it's motto of "Partners in Care-Sharing Time and Resources", remains the same today as they were when the hospital was founded.

Mission Statement

    The mission of Greenville Hospital, an acute care community hospital, is to provide the highest quality of health care:

  • which is financially sound;
  • consistent with the needs of the community;
  • without regard for race, religion, and ability to pay;
  • continue to develop a qualified medical and hospital staff of caring individuals who are dedicated to continuous quality improvement;
  • provide technology that includes inpatient and outpatient health care services;
  • carry on educational activities related to rendering care to the sick and injured, for the prevention of illness, and promotion of health.

As an integral member of Liberty HealthCare System, Greenville Hospital serves as the System's community hospital and as such an extended facility for the community-based programs and services of Jersey City Medical Center and the Jersey City Family Health Center.

Vision Statement

To marshall the forces within Greenville Hospital Board of Trustees, administration, management, employees, physicians, services, and technology toward the single objective of ensuring the best possible health outcome for every patient.

To continually seek opportunities to expand the continuum of health services provided to our patients and the community and enhance the quality of services rendered through superior health care offerings.

To create a workplace environment that recognizes and rewards the importance of each employee to the delivery of health care and fosters opportunities for career development, teamwork, and respect for each individual employed by Greenville Hospital.

To anticipate and respond to the needs and expectations of the diverse population of patients, physicians, providers and fellow employees.

To maintain a position of financial strength, efficiency, and sound management practices.

Values Statement

Commitment- We are committed to help the sick and needy by providing superior service to our patients and our community with skill, concern and compassion.
Quality - Because our patients are our primary concern we will strive to achieve excellence by providing care and services rendered by competent staff.
Integrity - We will be honest and fair in our relationship with all those who are associated with us, and other health care providers as well
Service - We are dedicated to serving everyone in need of healthcare regardless of race, creed, sex, religion, national origin, and ability to pay.

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