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About The Hudson County Prosecutor's Office

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The county prosecutor is a constitutional officer, nominated and appointed by the Governor with the consent of the State Senate. County prosecutors serve in their individual jurisdictions as the foremost representative of the executive branch of government in the enforcement of the criminal law. The various county prosecutors have been given the power to use all reasonable and lawful diligence for the detection, arrest, indictment and conviction of offenders against the laws of the State. Each prosecutor is given, by statute, within his or her jurisdiction, the same powers as the Attorney General of the State.

In order to complete the mission of detection, arrest, indictment and conviction of persons committing crimes within a county, the prosecutor employs a staff of lawyers, investigators and support personnel. The members of the staff, in addition to performing their assigned duties, must cooperate with each other, municipal police departments and the public. The Hudson County Prosecutor's Office currently has a staff in excess of 300 that includes assistant prosecutors, detectives, and clerical and support personnel. The investigative division of the office is supplemented by officers employed by the County Sheriff and the county's 12 municipalities. It is the second largest county prosecutor's office in the State of New Jersey, exceeded only by the Essex County Prosecutor's Office. It is also the second busiest county prosecutor's office in the State, reviewing over 11,000 adult criminal complaints, and over 7300 juvenile criminal complaints in 2000. Once again, these totals were exceeded only by Essex County amongst the various county prosecutor's offices.

Prior to the 1947 Constitution, the county prosecutor was known as the prosecutor of the pleas of the county (RS 2:182-1 Revised in 1877). From 1948 and until 1970 the Office was a part time position. In 1970, the prosecutor and all assistants to the prosecutor became full time employees of the people of Hudson County. Geoffrey Gaulkin, served as prosecutor from 1970 until 1973; James T. O'Halloran served as prosecutor from 1974 until 1980; Harold J. Ruvoldt, Jr. served as prosecutor from 1980 until 1986; Paul M. DePascale served as prosecutor from 1986 until 1991; Carmen Messano served as prosecutor from 1991 until 1997. Fred J. Theemling served as prosecutor from 1997 until 2002. Former Prosecutors Gaulkin, O'Halloran, DePascale, Messano and Theemling were subsequently appointed to serve as judges of the Superior Court of New Jersey.

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