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  Directory of Elected Officials and Department Directors


  Office of the Mayor


  Office of the Municipal Council


  Department Directors


  Federal Officials


  State Officials


  County Officials



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      Office of the Mayor
      City Hall - 280 Grove Street
       Jersey City, New Jersey 07302
       Tel: (201) 547-5200  Fax: (201) 547-4288/5442

      Mayor  Jerramiah Healy

      Chief of Staff  Carl Czaplicki

      Deputy Chief of Staff  Dominick Pandolfo

      Mayor's Aides  Thomas Moriarty and John Reilly

      Special Assistant to the Mayor David Donnelly

      Scheduler Joanne Eichenbaum

      Receptionists Tishanda Page

      Director of Communications Stan Eason

      Press Secretary Maria Pignataro

      Photographer Alton O Neil


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      Office of the Municipal Council
      City Hall - 280 Grove Street, Rm. 202
      Jersey City, New Jersey 07302
      Tel: (201) 547-5204    Fax: (201) 547-4678
      Lenora Brown, Council Secretary (201) 547-5053

      Mariano Vega, Jr.
      Council President
      (201) 547-5268
      Felipe Rosario (201) 547-5277
      Willie Flood
      (201) 547-5134 Doris Smith (201) 547-5108
      Peter Brennan
      (201) 547-5319 Maureen Bellucci (201) 547-5363
      Michael Sottolano
      Ward A Councilman
      (201) 547-5098
      Joe Conte (201) 547-5060
      Mary Spinello
      Ward B Councilwoman
      (201) 547-5092
      Sonia Schulman (201) 547-5101
      Steve Lipski
      Ward C Councilman
      (201) 547-5159
      Jade Christina Celentano (201) 547-5172
      William Gaughan
      Ward D Councilman
      (201) 547-5485 Bridget Dickson (201) 547-6817
      Steven Fulop
      Ward E Councilman
      (201) 547-5315 Tracy La'Bad (201) 547-5283
      Viola Richardson
      Ward F Councilwoman
      (201) 547-5338 Gwendolyn Agee (201) 547-5361

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      Department Directors


      Police Department

      Department of Fire & Emergency Services

      Department of Public Works

      Department of Housing, Economic Development & Commerce

      Department of Health & Human Services

      Department of Recreation

      Department of Law

      Department of Finance

      Office of the City Clerk

      Other Areas of City Services

      Brian O'Reilly, Business Administrator
      City Hall-280 Grove Street
      Jersey City, NJ 07302
      Tel: (201)547-5146 Fax: (201)547-4833

      Description: As the central authority in municipal government, the Department of Administration serves the important role of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the City. In addition, Administration provides several key support services to the other City Departments and Agencies. The Department is led by the Business Administrator whose offices are located on the first floor of City Hall.

      Managing Day-to-Day Operations - As defined by the New Jersey state statute known as "The Faulkner Act," the Business Administrator is the highest-ranking non-elected official in the City. Much like the Chief Operating Officer of a large corporation, the Business Administrator is the senior manager of city operations and is responsible for the effective implementation of the Mayor’s (Chief Executive Officer) policies and directives. In particular, the Business Administrator prepares resolutions and ordinances on behalf of the Mayor (the executive branch of municipal government) to be presented to the City Council (the legislative branch) for approval. Included in this liaison function, is the preparation, introduction, and adoption of the annual municipal budget.

        Police Department
      Sam Jefferson, Director
      James Blake, Police Chief
      8 Erie Street
      Jersey City, NJ 07302
      Tel: (201)547-5300 Fax: 201-547-5283

      Department of Fire & Emergency Services
      Jerome A. Cala, Director
      Frederick Eggers, Fire Chief
      465 Marin Boulevard
      Jersey City, NJ 07302
      Tel: 201-547-4239 Fax: 201-547-4398

      Description: Organized fire protection in Jersey City began on September 21, 1829 with the organization of the Volunteer Liberty Engine Company One. Since that time, the Fire Department continued to grow, as did the City. Presently, the Jersey City Fire Department is comprised of 550 uniformed members and 50 civilian employees. The Fire Department maintains a fleet of 28 pieces of front line fire apparatus which include pumper trucks, ladder trucks, rescue trucks, a hazardous materials unit and a mask service unit.

      These fire companies respond from 17 fire stations located throughout the City. Last year, the Fire Department responded to over 18,000 fire alarms, emergencies, and requests for medical assistance. All members of the Jersey City Fire Department receive medical first responder training and all Fire Department vehicles are equipped with automatic defibrillators. With the growth of the Jersey City waterfront, Jersey City is now home to 142 high-rise buildings including the tallest building in New Jersey, adding to the Fire Department’s formidable task of protecting the citizens of Jersey City.

      Department of Public Works
      Thomas Best, Acting Director
      575 Route 440
      Jersey City, NJ 07305
      Tel: 201-547-4402 Fax: 201-547-4803

      Description: The Jersey City Department of Public Works is a hands on team of professional individuals dedicated to supporting and improving Jersey City's infrastructure. The following Divisions are committed to maximizing all available resources to provide prompt and effective service to constituents and organizations:

      • Division of Architecture

      • Division of Automotive Maintenance

      • Division of Buildings and Street Maintenance

      • Division of Parks and Forestry

      • Division of Traffic and Engineering

      These services include the maintenance and repair of Jersey City roads, buildings, and equipment. Public Works develops and maintains the city's infrastructure Court houses, Police and Fire Stations, Libraries, Dog Pounds, Parks, and numerous Municipal facilities. The Department of Public Works is a team of individuals committed to the task of sustaining a quality of life unsurpassed in New Jersey.

        Department of Housing, Economic Development & Commerce
      Robert Cotter, Director
      30 Montgomery Street
      Jersey City, NJ 07302
      Tel: 201-547-5070 Fax: 201-547-6556

      Description:  HEDC consists of a diverse group of planners, officials, managers, inspectors, and support staff. HEDC strives to protect and further the public welfare  to be service oriented and customer friendly. 

Responsible for planning and overseeing the orderly growth and development of Jersey City’s residential, commercial, non-profit, and industrial sectors through the regulation of land use, disbursement of state and federal grant funds, permitting, and code enforcement.

Responsible for contributing to the public welfare and quality of life by supporting social services providers, staffing boards, enforcing building codes, housing codes, rent and tenant laws, and issuing licenses to businesses

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    Department of Health & Human Services
    Sergio Lamboy, Director
    201 Cornelison Avenue
    Jersey City, NJ 07304
    Tel: 201-547-6800 Fax: 201-547-6816

    Description: The Jersey City Department of Health and Human Services is a multi-purpose public agency employing competent individuals, committed to meeting the health and social needs of the people of Jersey City. The Department of Health and Human Services is dedicated to providing health services, social support systems and celebrating the cultural diversity of residents through many of its programs. The staff serves as public advocates for adults, children and families.

    Some of the services include: the Women, Infant and Children (WIC) Program; Prevention Oriented System for Child Health (PorSCHe) Public health nurse management for children referred to the program; Children's Health Conference Clinic (Immunizations); Preventive Medicine Clinic (Treatment of STD's & Pre and Post HIV Testing Counseling).

    Other services include; Health Education; Mandated environment and public health core activities: Senior Affairs and Senior Nutrition Programs; Jersey City Alliance to Combat Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Cultural programs and festivals.

    Through its programs the Jersey City Department of Health and Human Services aims to protect the health and well-being while celebrating the cultural diversity of the people of Jersey City, assuring all residents have an equal opportunity to live in good health with personal dignity.

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    Department of Recreation
    Robert Hurley, Director
    Caven Point Complex - 1 Chapel Ave.
    Jersey City, NJ 07305
    Tel: (201)547-5003 Fax: (201)547-4586

    Description: It is the primary aim of the Department of Recreation to oversee the provision of activities that are rich in leisure, culture and physical fitness to the residents of Jersey City. The Department ensures the utilization of the City’s recreational facilities, both indoor and outdoor, encouraging people of all ages to partake in activities that rejuvenate the body as well as the mind. Specifically, the Department offers a wide array of activities that encompass but are not limited to ice skating, aerobics, swimming, and gymnastics as well as more conventional activities such as track, basketball, baseball and football.

    The Department offers after school programs at the Jersey City YMCA and Armory and various public schools throughout the City.During the summer months, the City’s children are invited to participate in the Summer Fun program which is a day-camp style experience, held at a multitude of parks and school gymnasiums throughout the City.

    The Jersey City Department of Recreation strives to meet the needs of the athletic and active, all the while encouraging each and every resident to stay fit, relieve stress and become further acclimated with their surrounding community by way of recreational activities.

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      Department of Law
    William C. Matsikoudis, Corporation Counsel
    City Hall-280 Grove Street
    Jersey City, NJ 07302
    Tel: (201)547-5229 Fax: (201)547-5230

    Department of Finance
    Serafina Sengco, Director
    City Hall-280 Grove Street
    Jersey City, NJ 07302  For Tax Inquiries call (201) 547-5124  

    Description: The department is under the leadership of the Director of Finance, who is also concurrently the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The CFO’s responsibility is to ensure that the city is in compliance with N.J.S.A. 40a:2-1 et seq. (Local Bond Law), N.J.S.A. 40a:4-1 et seq. (Local Budget Law), N.J.S.A. 40a:5-1 et seq. (Fiscal Affairs Law), N.J.S.A. 40q:11-1 et seq. (Local Public Contracts Law) and N.J.A.C. 5:30 et seq. (Community Affairs). The CFO prepares and signs the Annual Financial Statement, Annual Debt Statement and Supplemental Debt Statement. The CFO also certifies as to the availability of funds for all encumbered transactions of the City.

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    Office of the City Clerk
    Robert Byrne, R.M.C., City Clerk
    Sean J. Gallagher, R.M.C., Deputy City Clerk
    Tolonda S. Griffin-Ross, Deputy City Clerk
    280 Grove Street
    Jersey City, New Jersey 07302
    Tel: (201) 547-5150  Fax: (201) 547-5461

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    Police Non-Emergencies 201-547-5477  or  Fire Non-Emergencies 201-547-4200

    Health & Human Services:  Call HHS for information, complaints or violations regarding health-related issues such as Animal Control, lead concerns, preventative medicine and any health violations related to stores, restaurants, and all public places including licensed food establishments.

    Main No.  201-547-6800
    Health Officer  201-547-5545
    Animal Control  201-547-4888

    Housing, Economic Development & Commerce:  Call  for information and violations regarding taxi cabs and limousine services, weight scales, proper servicing time for Laundromat dryers, and all issues related to construction, zoning and city planning, as well as housing complaints for apartments, including heat complaints.

    Div. of Commerce Main No.  201-547-5139
    License Enforcement  201-547-5329
    Construction Code  201-547-5055
    City Planning  201-547-5055
    Housing Code Enforcement  201-547-4824
    Heat Complaints  201-547-4821
    Hot Line  201-547-4825

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    Incinerator Authority:  Call for issues related to dumpster containers and dumpster rental, the cleanliness of vacant lots and sidewalks, disposal of all waste, litter, refuse and debris, and street cleaning, a well as building demolition, recycling, bulk item pick-up, graffiti removal, snow plowing, and hazardous materials enforcement.

    Recycling & Waste Collection  201-435-1345
    Bulk Pick Up  201-432-4645 ext.600
    Demolition  201-432-4645 ext.640
    Graffiti Removal  201-432-4645 ext.627
    Street Cleaning  201-432-4645 ext.632
    Snow Plowing & Removal  201-432-4645 ext.646

    Municipal Utilities Authority:  Call for sewer related issues.

    Main Number  201-432-1150

    Parking Authority:  Call for issues related to parking or the enforcement of the City's parking codes.

    Main Number  201-653-6969

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    Public Works:  Call for information, complaints or violations regarding park maintenance, tree planting/trimming, street painting, street repairs, pot holes, traffic signals, street lamps, handicapped parking, street closings, the boarding up of vacant buildings and engineering inquires.

    Main Number  201-547-4402
    Parks & Forestry  201-547-4449
    Street/Pot Hole Repair  201-547-4435
    Traffic Engineering/Signals  201-547-4530
    Handicapped Parking  201-547-4492

    United Water:  Call for all water related issues.

    Customer Service  800-575-4433
    Water Emergencies  201-200-2793
    Water Accounting  800-575-4433
    Water Meters  800-575-4433

    Recreation:  Call for information and reservations for public baseball and softball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, and the ice skating & hockey rink at Pershing Field.

    Recreation Information  201-547-5003
    Pershing Field, Pool & Ice Rink  201-547-6886

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Federal Officials

    U.S. Senate

    Senator Jon S. Corzine (D)
    New Jersey Office Information
    One Gateway Center, 11th Floor
    Newark, New Jersey 07102
    (973) 645-3030  (973) 645-0502 (FAX)
    Washington DC Office Information
    U.S. Senator Jon S. Corzine
    Washington DC 20510
    (202) 224-4744    (202) 228-2197 (FAX)
    Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D)
    New Jersey Office Information
    One Gateway Center, 23rd Floor
    Newark, New Jersey 07102
    (973) 639-8700 (973) 639-8723 (FAX)
    Washington DC Office Information
    U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg
    Hart Senate Office Building
    Suite 324
    Washington DC 20510
    (202) 224-3224  (202) 228-4054 (FAX)

    U.S. House of Representatives

    Congressman Steve Rothman (D-9)
    New Jersey Office Information
    25 Main Street
    Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
    (201) 646-0808 (201) 646-1944 (FAX)
    Washington DC Office Information
    1607 Longworth HOB
    Washington DC 20515
    (202) 225-5061 (202) 225-5851 (FAX)
    Congressman Donald Payne (D-10)
    New Jersey Office Information
    50 Walnut Street, Room 1016
    Newark, New Jersey 07102
    (973) 645-3213  (973) 645-5902 (FAX)
    Washington DC Office Information
    2209 Rayburn HOB
    Washington DC 20515
    (202) 225-3436   (202) 225-4160 (FAX)
    Congressman Robert Menendez (D-13)
    New Jersey Office Information
    911 Bergen Avenue
    Jersey City, New Jersey 07306
    (201) 222-2828  (201) 222-0188 (FAX)
    Washington DC Office Information
    2238 Rayburn HOB
    Washington DC 20515
    (202) 225-7919  (202) 226-0792

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State Officials

New Jersey Legislative Districts: District 31st District 32nd District 33rd


    New Jersey Legislative District 31  

      State Senator Joseph V. Doria, Jr. (D)
      630 Avenue C
      Bayonne, NJ 07002
      Phone: (201) 858-6010

      Assemblyman Anthony Chiappone (D)
      595 Broadway
      Bayonne, New Jersey 07002
      (201) 437-3242

      Assemblyman Louis M. Manzo (D)
      107 Westside Avenue
      Jersey City, New Jersey 07305
      (201) 309-0770

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    New Jersey Legislative District 32  

      State Senator Nicholas J. Sacco (D)
      9060 Palisade Avenue
      North Bergen, New Jersey 07047
      (201) 295-0200

      Assemblyman Anthony Impreveduto (D)
      400 Plaza Drive
      Secaucus, New Jersey 07094
      (201) 864-3232

      Assemblywoman Joan M. Quigley (D)
      242 Tenth Street, Suite 101
      Jersey City, New Jersey 07302
      (201) 217-4614

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    New Jersey Legislative District 33  

      State Senator Bernard F. Kenny, Jr. (D)
      235 Hudson Street, Suite 1
      Hoboken, New Jersey 07030
      (201) 653-1466

      Assemblyman Albio Sires (D)
      303 – 58th Street
      West New York, New Jersey 07093
      (201) 854-0900

      Assemblyman Brian P. Stack (D)
      3715 Palisade Avenue, 3rd Floor
      Union City, NJ 07087

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    County Executive

      Thomas A. DeGise (D)
      Office of the County Executive
      Justice Brennan Courthouse
      583 Newark Avenue
      Jersey City, New Jersey 07306
      (201) 795-6200

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    Board of Chosen Freeholders

      Administration Building Annex
      567 Pavonia Avenue
      Jersey City, New Jersey 07306  

        Silverio A. Vega (D-District 7), Chairman
        Barry Dugan (D-District 1), Vice-Chairman
        Thomas F. Liggio (D-District 8), Chairman Pro-Tempore
        William O’Dea (D-District 2)
        Jeffrey Dublin (D-District 3)
        Radames Velazquez (D-District 4)
        Maurice Fitzgibbons (D-District 5)
        Tilo Rivas (D-District 6)
        Albert Cifelli (D-District 9)

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    County Clerk

      Javier E. Inclán (D)
      Office of the Clerk of Hudson County
      Justice Brennan Courthouse
      583 Newark Avenue
      Jersey City, New Jersey 07306
      (201) 795-6112  

    County Register

      Barbara A. Donnelly (D)
      Office of the Register of Hudson County
      Administration Building
      595 Newark Avenue
      Jersey City, New Jersey 07306
      (201) 795-6577  

    County Sheriff

      Joseph T. Cassidy (D)
      Office of the Sheriff of Hudson County
      Administration Building
      595 Newark Avenue
      Jersey City, New Jersey 07306
      (201) 795-6300  

    County Surrogate

       Donald DeLeo (D)

      Office of the Surrogate of Hudson County
      Administration Building
      595 Newark Avenue
      Jersey City, New Jersey 07306
      (201) 795-6377


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City of Jersey City 280 Groove Street

Jersey City, NJ  07302

Tel: (201) 547-5000

Fax: (201) 547-4288

Click here for e-mails

Mayor  Glenn D. Cunningham 

     (201)  547-5200  

Council President  L. Harvey  Smith  (201)  547-5200
Council  Peter  Brennan  (201)  547-5200
Council  Steve  Lipski  (201)  547-5200
Council  Mary  Donnelly  (201)  547-5200
Council  Junior  Maldonado  (201)  547-5200
Council  William  Gaughan  (201)  547-5200
Council  Viola  Richardson  (201)  547-5200
Council  Jeremiah  Healy  (201)  547-5200
Council  Mariano  Vega  (201)  547-5200
Business Administrator  Carlton  McGee    (201)  547-5146  
City Clerk  Robert  Byrne  (201)  547-5150  
Cultural Affairs  Maryann  Kelleher  (201)  547-5522  
Engineering  Jerry  Nissen  (201)  547-4412  
Economic Opportunities  Kabili  Tayari  (201)  547-5611  
Finance Department  Carlton  McGee  (201)  547-5031  
Fire Department  EMERGENCY    DIAL 911  
Fire Department  Sergio  Lamboy  (201)  547-4200  
Health Department  Joseph  Castagna  (201)  547-5545  
Health & Human Services  Betty  Outlaw  (201)  547-6800  
Housing & Economic Development  Mark  Munley  (201)  547-5070  
Law Department  Alex  Booth  (201)  547-5229  
Library  Percilla  Gardner  (201)  547-4500  
Minicipal Court Administrator  Martin  Dolan  (201)  209-6700  
Police Department  EMERGENCY    DIAL 911  
Police Department  James  Carter  (201)  547-5300  
Public Works  Ron  Buonocore  (201)  547-4402  
Recreation  Robert  Hurley  (201)  547-5269  
Recycling  Orin  Dabney  (201)  432-4645  
Senior Affairs  Catherine  Macchi  (201)  547-5801  
Tax Collector  Maureen  Cosgrove  (201)  547-5120  
Tax Assessor  Brian  O'Reilly  (201)  547-5131  
Jersey City Economic Development Corporation
Sam Jefferson, Director
30 Montgomergy Street
Jersey City,  NJ  07306
Phone: (201) 333-7797 
Jersey City Housing Authority
Robert J. Rigby, Executive Director
400 U. S. Highways 1 & 9
Jersey City,  NJ  07306
Phone: (201) 547-6600 
Jersey City Incinerator Authority
Orin Dabney, Executive Director
501 Route 440
Jersey City,  NJ  07305
Phone: (201) 432-4645 
Jersey City Parking Authority
Thomas Kane, Executive Director
871 Bergen Avenue
Jersey City,  NJ  07306
Phone: (201) 653-6969 
Jersey City Redevelopment Agency
Jerry Killeen, Executive Director
30 Montgomery Street
Jersey City,  NJ  07302
Phone: (201) 547-5810 
Jersey City Sewerage Authority
, Executive Director
555 Route 440
Jersey City,  NJ  07302
Phone: (201) 432-1150 
Jersey City Board Of Education
346 Claremont Avenue
Jersey City,  NJ  07305
Phone: (201) 915-6000 
Business Adminstration      (201)  915-6274  
Superintendents      (201)  915-6201  
Academic High School      (201)  876-4804  
Dickinson High School      (201)  714-4400  
Ferris High School      (201)  915-6660  
Lincoln High School      (201)  915-6700  
Synder High School      (201)  915-6600  
No. 3 Frank R. Conwell School      (201)  915-6610  
No. 5 Dr. Michael Conti School      (201)  714-4300  
No. 6 Jonathon W. Wakeman School      (201)  714-4310  
No. 8 School      (201)  714-4329  
No. 9 The Kennedy School      (201)  915-6410  
No. 11 Martin Luther King School      (201)  915-6521  
No. 12 The Julia A. Barnes School      (201)  915-6420  
No. 14 School      (201)  915-6430  
No. 15 Whitney M. Young Jr. School      (201)  915-6440  
No. 16 Cornelia F. Bradford School      (201)  915-6450  
No. 17 Joseph H. Bradford School      (201)  915-6120  
No. 20 School      (201)  915-6470  
No. 22 School      (201)  915-6480  
No. 23 Mahatma K. Gandhi School      (201)  915-6490  
No. 24 Chaplin Charles Watters School      (201)  915-6510  
No. 25 Nicholas Copernicas School      (201)  714-4340  
No. 27 Alfred Zampella School      (201)  714-4340  
No. 28 Christa McAuliffe School      (201)  714-4360  
No. 29 School      (201)  915-6520  
No. 30 Alexander D. Sullivan School      (201)  915-6530  
No. 31 Anthony J. Infante School      (201)  714-4370  
No. 32 School      (201)  946-5179  
No. 33 School      (201)  915-6540  
No. 34 School      (201)  915-6550  
No. 37 Rafael be J. Cordero School      (201)  714-4390  
No. 38 James F. Murray School      (201)  915-6620  
No. 39 Dr. Charles F. De Fuccio School      (201)  915-6560  
No. 40 Ezra L. Nolan School      (201)  915-6570  
No. 41 Fred W. Martin School      (201)  915-6590  
No. 42 Constance P. Nicholas School      (201)  714-4480  






Bill Ayala Chief of Staff 201-547-5200 201-547-4288
Eugene Drayton Deputy Mayor 201-547-5200 201-547-4288
Anthony Cruz Deputy Mayor 201-547-5200 201-547-4288
Carl Czaplicki Chief Aide 201-547-5200 201-547-4288
Brian Dorf Press Secretary 201-547-4943 201-547-4288
Sonia Schulman Mayor’s Aide 201-547-5200 201-547-4288
Jorge Dones Mayor’s Aide 201-547-4836 201-547-5442
Viola Disbrow Proclamations 201-547-5200 201-547-4288
Dorothy Stack Scheduler 201-547-4885 201-547-5442
JoAnne Eichenbaum Secretary, Chief of Staff 201-547-5200 201-547-4288
Michele Carroll Mayor’s Secretary 201-547-5500 201-547-5442
Stan H. Eason Director of Communications 201-547-5808 201-547-4288
L. Harvey Smith Council President 201-547-5268
Jerramiah Healy Council at Large 201-547-4634
Mariano Vega Council at Large 201-547-5134
Peter Brennan Ward A Councilman 201-547-5098
Mary Donnelly Ward B Councilwoman 201-547-5092
Steve Lipski Ward C Councilman 201-547-5159
Bill Gaughan Ward D Councilman 201-547-5485
Junior Maldonado Ward E Councilman 201-547-5315
Viola Richardson Ward F Councilwoman 201-547-5338
John Reily Aide to Jerramiah Healy 201-547-5319  
Rozani Pelc - Penteado Aide to Mariano Vega 201-547-5108  
William Judge Aide to L. Harvey Smith 201-547-5277  
Bob Noakes Aide to Peter Brennan 201-547-5060  
Maureen Bellucci Aide to Peter Brennan 201-547-5060  
Rolando Lovaro Aide to Mary Donnelly 201-547-5101  

Tom Lambert

Aide to Steve Lipski 201-547-5172  
Tom Dolan Aide to Bill Gaughan 201-547-6817  
Sarah Wharton Aide to Junior Maldonado 201-547-5283  
Susan Alston-Mcrae Aide to Viola Richardson    
Department Directors
Name Job Title Office Work Fax E-mail
Carlton McGee Business Administrator 201-547-5230 201-547-5147
Betty Outlaw Director of Health & Human Services 201-547-6800 201-547-6816
Ron Buonocore Director of Public Works 201-547-4402 201-547-4803
Mark Munley Housing & Economic Development 201-547-5070 201-547-6556
James Carter Director of Police 201-547-4537 201-547-4283 JCarter@mail.cityofjersey
Jerry Cala Fire Director 201-547-4239 201-547-4298
Alex Booth Corporation Counsel 201-547-4667 201-547-5230
Robert Hurley Director of Recreation 201-547-5269 201-547-4586
Jerry Cala Fire Director 201-547-4239 201-547-4298
Bill Macchi Director of the Municipal Utilities Authority 201-432-1150 201-432-1575  
Oren Dabney Director of the Incinerator Authority 201-432-4645 x11 201-432-9530  
Roger Grego Acting Finance Director 201-547-6540 201-547-4833
Maureen Corcoran Director of Mayor’s Action Bureau 201-547-4900 201-547-5749
Serafina Sengco Chief Financial Officer 201-547-6920 201-547-5919
Sergio Lamboy OEM Coordinator 201-547-5758 201-547-5999
Bill Macchi Director of the Municipal Utilities Authority 201-432-1150 201-432-1575  
Greg Racelis Director of Economic Opportunity 201-547-4947 201-547-4941
Maryalyce Fitzgerald Director of Economic Development Corporation 201-333-7797 x6 201-333-9323  
Tom Kane Director of the Parking Authority 201-653-6969 201-653-7617  
Sabrina Harrold Personnel 201-547-4779 201-547-4833
Maureen Cosgrove Tax Collector 201-547-5120 201-547-4254
Joan Eccleston Senior and Cultural Affairs 201-547-4322 201-547-4331
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