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The New and Improved Jersey City is on the Rise! 

Angela Marie Perkins

The new and improved Jersey City is on the rise!  If you haven’t noticed, beautiful new homes are surfacing, new businesses are developing, businesses are moving into our city, the rise of the waterfront and its expansion is evident and even the development of charter schools are offering the “new millennium” way of teaching.  The spirit of “away with the old, and in with the new” is budding.  

This “new spirit” has been passed on to our neighborhood homeowners.  They are not only taking pride in their property but in the entire neighborhood as well.   

In the Greenville section of Jersey City, one Neighborhood Block Association recruited a group of volunteers to clean the streets within their neighborhood.  The petition was not only for the homeowners to get involved in this project, but anyone who would like to voluntarily participate was recruited for the day.  There were no limitations; anyone who caught on to this “spirit” to clean was welcomed.  

This project initially began with the intent of cleaning within the property lines of the homeowner, but extended to cleaning in front of a neighbor’s property, who for some reason could not or did not have the time to become involved in this project. The project grew to also include any area that needed cleaning.   

Another group was recruited to clean the small community parks.  The cleanliness of our neighborhood gives our children a safe and secure environment to play without the “eye sores” of garbage lying around.   

Hats off to the volunteers who participated!!  Your involvement proves that our residents do care.   But the long-term goal should be to change the mindset of our residents so that these wonderfully planned projects will become second nature.    

Angela Marie Perkins



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