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You know you're from NJ if...

"You know you grew up in Jersey City if..."

  • You know how O'Hara's got it's name
  • You knew all the troublemakers before they became cops
  • You know what Harvard on the Blvd is
  •  You know the A. Harry Moore cheer
  • You drank at any or all of the following: Showboat, Narrowbacks, SOAP CREEK, Guarini's
  • You've eaten at Jules, Ilvento's, the rodeo Steakhouse
  • You remember buying candy at Liss' and then going to the movies
  • You remember go-carts on 440
  •  the Hudson Mall was a strip mall
  • You remember Mayor Smith - and you remember he sparred with Mohammed Ali
  • You've had murder burgers at 2am
  • You hung out at the VIP or The Colonette after a night of partying
  • You went to the MT. Carmel Feast
  • You knew Great Eastern before it became a toxic dump
  • KFC and Gino's were the same fast food restaurant
  • DiFeo had only one dealership
  • You played basketball in Country Village
  • You made out (and did other things) in the parking lot of Roosevelt Stadium
  •  4th of July fireworks at Roosevelt stadium
  • Bayonne Pool
  • The Pix didn't show porn
  • You delivered the Jersey Journal
  • You know Jimmy Spanarkle, Mike O 'Koren, or Bobby Hurley
  • Barhopping after the St. Patty's Day Parade
  • You Met in the "school yard"
  • You've said "Youse" about 100 times in one day
  • You remember the turf wars between Sterling, Ocean, The Heights, West Side, Marion...etc.

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